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Attention: Business Coaches and Consultants
We Will Build Your Funnels & Setup Your Marketing Automation.
*Our Guarantee*
If We Don't Launch Your Online Business Within 21 Days, You Get Your Money Back & Keep Everything We've Built
"We Take the 'Technical' Out of The Equation...So That You Can Focus On What Really Matters"
Dear Business Builder,
I'll keep this short, sharp and sweet.

You have a life changing product or service that you want to sell online so that you can expand your reach and impact more people across the world.
However, you are stuck with trying to figure out how to connect the dots to make it even happen.

You know your stuff works, you’ve tested your market, your systems and you’re now ready to bring it to the world by leveraging the power of sales funnels and marketing automation. 
To fast track your learning, you decide to invest in thousands of dollars in online marketing business coaches, programs and masterminds. 

You sign up with great enthusiasm thinking that you’ve finally found the one that will help you build your dream business.

Not long into it, you start reading your training collateral with bated breath.

You stay up all hours of the night watching training video, after training video and you use your car as a university to listen and learn about the latest strategies and tactics to grow your business online. 

Since you’ve been given pre-made sales funnel templates from your coach, you think “great this shouldn’t be too hard to use for my business...right?”
You hit your first brick wall...and then your second.

You struggle to connect all the pieces to realise that you’re missing a piece of software.

You find out that you have to invest in more software and then, invest the time to learn how to use it. 

So not only are you paying for a coach, mastermind and a program, you’re now investing in more software and tools that will take you forever to learn how to use. 

Determined to not give up, you spend the next week scrolling through YouTube videos, chatting in forums and emailing tech support just so that you can make your online business work. 

Another week in you end up solving that problem, but you realise that your video isn’t even working properly. 
You spend another three days trying to figure how to solve it and after you think you’ve solved one problem, another one comes up. 

You’re frustrated and so you reach out to your support group for help, only to be told that you need to invest in more software to fix the endless problems that keep popping up. 

This goes on for months and with no results to show for and even income generated. 

Funds dry up and you’re at a crossroads…

Do you give up or do you park everything for now to get more funds so that you can continue again later on?
You decide to continue and so the cycle begins of spending more money but this time on freelancers only to be burned over and over, because they don’t get you, they don't get what you’re building and they don’t even have a clue on how to fix your problems.

You just need to find someone that can do the “technical” side of things. You want to find someone that not only helps you with the tech side but from a holistic point of view, gets what you’re trying to achieve. 

You want to find someone that will tell you if your copy needs refining, suggest better ideas and ways to improve your funnel and marketing sequences. 

Someone to essentially simplify the whole process for you, so that you can focus on what you do best. 
This is where I come in as a marketing and tech specialist for coaches and consultants.
I will be the guy that will hold your hands, tell you everything is going to be okay, and “remove the technical” out of the equation so that you can focus on your zone of genius...that is to create products, and serve your clients.
So what can I help you with?

There are three types of systems I can help you build and launch within 21 days.

1 - A Client Attraction System (lead generation)

2 - A Cash Making System (sales conversion)

3 - A Profit Maximiser System (delivery and marketing automation)

So how does this work?

I will sit down with you and map out exactly what needs to be done, collect the pieces we need and build your online business from the ground up. 
Due to the nature of my offer, I will not be able to work with everyone. 

To keep my promise of delivering within 21 days or less, I can only take on 7 clients per month.

Client's that are ready to go all in, take action and do whatever it takes to launch.

I will also only take you on as a client if I am 100% sure that I can deliver you the results we plan for.

So... when we get on the phone, there will be no hard selling or pitching. Just me and you on the phone figuring out if I can help you or not.

Sounds good right?

To get the ball rolling, press the button below.

Without a doubt, I believe that we are that someone you’re looking for to help you accomplish results yesterday. 

I look forward to hearing from you and helping you build your dream business.

Kirsty & Courts
Smart Chicks
We honestly cannot thank John enough for his amazing knowledge. We were in tech-freak-out mode and he calmly listened to our business strategy and created a plan to match our online services. He is authentic and made us feel like we could ask him anything at all along the way.
Sally Curtis
It was a pleasure working with John who created my online portal. He's made The entire process effortless for me from start to finish. Best of all intuitively understood where i was coming from and what I really needed. A total pleasure to work with, highly recommend.
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