• A husband to a beautiful and very smart woman, who has a killer instinct. Over the years, I have come to trust her intuition and advice.
  • A son to a phenomenal single mum who sacrificed a lot to raise me up to the man I am today.
  • While I now live in Australia, Am still farm boy from central Kenya. (I milked cows, took care of the chickens, had a deer pet growing up and created sheds out of every piece of scrap wood I could find)
  • A lover of classic cars, blues and rock and roll music. My wife reckons I have I should have been born in the 60s or 70s.
  • A self-proclaimed Adelaide boy. I've spent more than 42% of my life here and love it.
  • A crazy optimist and naive believer in humanity. I know there is bad stuff happening in the world today but I still think we humans are still good.


  • Exceptionally good at helping my clients get clarity and build a step by step blueprint to move them from overwhelm to results.
  • One of the most passionate people you'll ever meet (full disclaimer, I talk fast and can't sit still when am excited).
  • Driven by results and outcomes.... no fluff or vanity stuff that does not move the needle but real stuff that has an impact on my clients' businesses.
  • Straight up. I do want to waste anyone's time or have mine wasted. We are either good to work together or bye-bye and let's be friends.
  • An advisor and mentor to many businesses and entrepreneurs


  • Failed more times in business than I care to count. (Some were spectacular failures where I lost almost all my life savings.).
  • Mentored and advised a lot of startups, entrepreneurs and business owners.
  • Started and grown a digital agency that's created great results for my clients.